1. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF? A good approach to this question is to highlight the most important characters that the interviewer will want to know:


a. Start with your name

b. Give your place information

c. Education background in short

d. Job experience if any

e. Basic family details

2. WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK AT OUR COMPANY? Be honest and upfront with your response and mention something relevant about the company:

a. Tell what you like about the company

b. Try to relate response to your long term goal

3. WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? Highlight some key points:

a. Give answer that showcase your skills

b. Hard working

c. Adaptability

d. Honesty

e. Flexibility

f. Good decision maker

E.g. I am a honest, self-motivating and hard working person with a positive attitude towards my career and life.

4. WHAT ARE YOUR WEAKNESSES? Use the positive points to highlight the weaknesses:

a. Straightforward person

b. Strive for perfection

c. Impatient at time

E.g. I always strive for perfection and I find it difficult to say no when someone asked for help.

5. WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU FOR THIS JOB? Sell your strong points and emphasis on the key areas that the interviewer is looking for to have:

a. Share your knowledge/background

b. Focus on strong points

c. Talk about work experience if applicable

d. Career goal

E.g. I have mostly theoretical knowledge but I can work hard. Also, if given the opportunity I will put in all my effort for the good progress of the company.

6. TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS COMPANY? Do your research before attending the interview: 

a. Study about the company in detail

b. Look at current issues that are related to the company and don’t be afraid talk about them


a. Share your reason for job change

8. WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY REQUIREMENTS? If possible try and avoid talking too much about salary on the first meeting with the client:

a. In most case you can share an expected range and indicate that you are open for negotiation

b. You can also play it safe and indicate that you will accept a salary that is in-line with the company’s norm for the related job

9. WHAT ARE YOUR CAREER GOALS? Always highlight your short and long- term goals. 

a. E.g. My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputable organization where I can utilize my skills and enhance my career. My long-term goal is to be in a respectable position in that organization.

10. DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? This is where you get a chance to shine and show that you are intelligent:  

a. Start with expressing that you are thankful of being chosen for an interview

b. Ask what is the job timing… are they looking to place someone immediately etc

c. Ask about their overtime policy…. is there an allowance or benefits such as meals and transportation

d. Ask about the company’s training approach and how long is the initial training period.

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